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newbie - stinkpad - 08-09-2019

Hi Guys, could you please give some advice.

I want to use OE6 on my new windows 10 laptop, people tell me that virtualbox and to use windows XP as a guest, is the way to go???

Also I have found your 

I am interested to hear your thoughts as to which I should use ....

Every high street computer specialist I have talked to says it is "not safe to use OE6 "  !!??

Kind regards

RE: newbie - Rafael - 08-12-2019

If you want to use oe with virtual box, then yes, you need to instann win xp.

If you want to install oe direectly to win 10, you can install it with runasxp installer.

As for the safety, well, in my opinion, oe still works great!.

RE: newbie - geo791 - 08-21-2019


I have Virtualbox installed on my Windows 10 64-bit system. I had to use Virtualbox and install Windows 10 32-bit in it in order to install and run an old medical program with twenty plus years of medical history. It would not install on a 64-bit OS. Virtualbox works great and I can run my old XP programs in it just fine. So it does have a purpose.

I installed the Runasxp program on a friend's Windows 10 64-bit Asus laptop in Dec 2015. They had been using Outlook Express on their old XP system and wanted to retain all of the email from that computer. The Runasxp installed Outlook Express without issue and I was even able to bring their Address Book over from the old system with all of their contacts. If you have any issues Rafael is quick to help you.

I installed Outlook Express on my new desktop computer build this spring using Runasxp. It works great in Windows 10 and I still believe it is the best and simplest email program available. I too had many old saved emails that I did not want to lose as well as my Address Book with all of my contacts.

There is only one snafu with using OE in Windows 10. When Microsoft installs the major spring and fall update to Windows 10, everything in the Windows folder is moved to Windows.old along with OE. Then you have to run Rafael's restore program to reinstall OE. I had to do this several time for my friends wintering in Florida. Using TeamViewer remote access software I have been able to reinstall OE and get everything working for them again. It's definitely worth the effort though. My friends and I would be lost without our OE email program.

I highly recommend using Rafael's Runasxp program to install OE on your Windows 10 machine. Pin it to your taskbar and you will have one
click to open your email. It couldn't be any easier and the $10 donation for three keys is very reasonable to get OE installed in Windows 10.