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OE-QuoteFix (addon utility) - midas - 10-30-2014

First post here, but really wanted to share my number one OE addon. Angel

Quote:OE-QuoteFix will extend the functionality of MS Outlook Express in numerous ways! Its main purpose is to modify message composition windows on-the-fly to allow for correct quoting and to change the appearance of your plain-text replies and forwards in general: move your signature, use compressed indentation, have RFC compliant signatures, etc.
But the second feature is equally practical: OE-QuoteFix can instantly color quoted passages (according to the level of indentation), fix bad quoting and generally beautify messages as you view them in Outlook Express.

OE-QuoteFix homepage URL is

As a marginal note to Rafail, it would be great if future versions of OE for Windows 7/8 could be made compatible/include OE-QuoteFix... Idea

RE: OE-QuoteFix - Rafael - 10-31-2014

Yes our forum does not allow links on posts because there are many spammers trying to post ads... if you or any user want to post a link, can send me a pm.
I'll check out that addon.

RE: OE-QuoteFix - midas - 11-12-2014

Fair enough. But I just reported some spam posts with included links, so you better check that... Dodgy

RE: OE-QuoteFix (addon utility) - Cor'e =) - 12-11-2016

@Midas, your home download link/page is expired or broken for this add-on. =(

RE: OE-QuoteFix (addon utility) - bfy - 08-20-2017

Outlook Express


Thank you the Share!


RE: OE-QuoteFix (addon utility) - Little - 09-12-2017

Thank you.

RE: OE-QuoteFix (addon utility) - rumbero - 10-13-2019

Hi, nobody here says clearly, if OE-QuoteFix WORKS (or don't) in this version of OE-Express.
So, does OE-QuoteFix work with OE or doesn't it?

Best regards

RE: OE-QuoteFix (addon utility) - Rafael - 10-18-2019

The user that uploaded it says that it work. You can check