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Mail boxes in Spanish - Jane Mason - 12-03-2015

I have downloaded OE, and initially it downloaded in Spanish despite selecting English. So I uninstalled it, and reselected English, and it has now installed correctly in English. However the mail folders are entitled in Spanish. I read anoth thread on this but I can't follow the instructions there about right clicking on the settings in the taskbar menu to find the path, as oe doesn't appear in the task tray. Can you help me, please?

RE: Mail boxes in Spanish - Rafael - 12-03-2015

That happened because mail folders are created once, only on first installation. To change their language you have to delete them so when you reopen Outlook Express it will re-create them in current language.
To find the path of them,you have to open outlook express and open tray icon settings (see here how: )

On the tary icon settings menu click "Browse mail folder" and delete the dbx files. Remember, deleting these files all current emails on outlook express will be lost (if any). Also Outlook express must be closed when trying to delete these files.