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Full Version: What is this new download behaviour?
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I find that it has recently developped a new behaviour: Upon choosing (going to) one of my folders, it deletes all the downloaded messages in it, and then reloads their headers. When I then click on one of these (now empty) messages, they don't download by themselves, but I have to click on a download button there each. This is quite unpractical. 

NB: It performs this unwanted action only in some folders, others are being left untouched.

Optimal would be if there were not only a synchronise button for the folders, but also one to download (or rather, copy - this is IMAP) all the contents of the messages whose headers I have retrieved...
I supose that you use IMAP.
IMAP does not work like POP3. It download headers and shows (and creates) folders on server side.
IMAP also refreshes the folder and getting new headers when you go to folder.

I suggest you to switch your account to POP3 so you can have your emails full downloaded and local folders.
This is not the point. Of course I've been using IMAP, and for a long time. The new behaviour described has been there only for a few days. (And I use IMAP for a reason, so POP3 is out of the question.) Have you changed some of the software's features? D'oh!

Can you read my original message again, now that you hopefully understand the problem?
No changes have been made on that, no features edited on IMAP or POP, its not possible anyway.
No this cannot be chenged or updated or affected anyway by itself.

Please check if its your servers issue. Try for testing with another email, like gmail for example
Rafai,l I discovered if I Pin oe6 To the Task bar it starts an closes normally  even if I re boot it is OK.
I have  eSET anti virus
Hello Bob.
What shortcut did you created to taskbar? for msimn.exe or outlook express.exe?
Have you disabled 'email integration' setting on ESET?
I disabled the eSET antvirus and started oe6 it placed an icon on the task bar so I right clicked on this and selected "pin to task bar" reset eSET Program and clicked on task bar icon oe6 opened ok... re booted and clicked on task bar icon and it worked OK. I have that set on two computers now and it works like clockwork.
I don't touch the oe6 icon on the desk top.
Of course it may have short comings eventually eSET is 100 % running and i have done updates to it and nothing changed >>> oe6 still runs
thanks for sharing Bob.