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Full Version: new emails not showing up in inbox
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I new to the forum so excuse me if this has already been covered. When I download my email it shows how many new messafes are being received and the inbox count of unread goes up but when I open the inbox only emails received in Oct of 2018 appear. Also. thankfully OE does not remove the new emails from my server so I can use a webbrowser to view them. when I look at the properties of the inbox it says there are over 3,000 message in there but I can only see a few.
This started when my computer screen locked and I didn't have the password so I had to run a program to remove my windows 7 password. Also OE now asks me for my password every time it tries to send or receive. any help will be greatly appreciated?
those programs affect registry and user identity on registry, DONT USE THEM because many critical system keys on registry are being changed.
Now, please try reinstalling OE. Dont uninstall, just installa again and nothing will be lost.
A backup is highly recommended anyway.

Reinstalling will fix password issue. But check if there are created more identitied on outlook express (File>Identities)
If you see there more than one identities, you can shwitch identities to and find the correct one.

Because of the program you used, i suggest you to backup dbx files and delete your identity on outlook express, create a new one and restore the dbx files (email folders).
That is the best way to be sure that OE will work well.

For any other question and your result, please reply.
Thank You, I reinstalled and checked identities. There is only 1 ID. I downloaded messages and the unread message count went from 149 to 209 next the the inbox but none of the messages appear in the inbox window. Worse than that when it finished downloading it deleted the messages from my server so I can't retrieve them. When I go to file>properties to get the location of the inbox folder to back it up the number of unread messages next to the inbox switched back to 149. Not sure what to do now.
First make a backup of your entire fiolder where dbx files are.
Then delete your idenntity and create a new one.
After that, you need to setup your email account again and import the dbx files that you backed up.