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Full Version: "Request Receipt Read" feature not working
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I recently discovered that the "request receipt read" feature in OE is not functioning. I just tested it by sending an email to an alternate address. Then I opened that message and read it. Then I opened OE to see if there was a notification and nothing appeared. Any ideas?
When you enable that option, the receiver should get a question if he want the sender to know that message was read. (Request or return a read receipt)
Outlook express supports that, outlook supports that too and as i know, thunderbird too.
In which email client did you tasted it for receipt (receiver)?
I sent a test email from my Outlook Express (version 6) with the "request read receipt" checked on the tools menu to my alternate email address at Yahoo mail. When I opened the test email at my Yahoo mail there was no request to let the sender know that the message had been read.
It looks that Yahoo does not support that feature

Yes, I see that Yahoo Mail does not support a "request read receipt". But my understanding is that Yahoo web mail does not support that feature itself in their program. But my Outlook Express does support that feature. So, does that not mean that if I send an email from OE with that feature checked, that I should be notified when the email is opened, and it would not be dependent on the recipient's email client, such as Yahoo mail? Is it required that the sender's, and the recipient's email client both support the "request read receipt" feature?

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