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Full Version: Outlook Express refuses to open
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Today clicking on the icon does nothing OE will not open and the process in not running either . Please help.

Running the exe in the OE folder opens the application . The original shortcut points to a scheduled task :
C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "Outlook Express"

Why is this happening?

Dear Rafael,

I can open the program from my start menu OE icon with no problem except for the UAC prompt. I think I can live with it this way.

However if I would like to try the reinstall of OE can I install right over the present installation?

Thanks for the help.

Yes of course, you can overinstall any time
I am having the same problem with Windows 10.

Outlook Express just refuses to open.
The only thing that fixes the problem temporarily is to reinstall.
But unfortunately after reinstall and a few successful opens OE then refuses to open again until I reinstall once more and so on.

Any ideas???
Check if your dbx files are ok. check if you have large dbx files (email folders) over 2gb and try to put old emails on archive folders.
Check if your antivirus is blocking any of oe installation files.
It would be helpfoul if you let us know what excactly happens when you try to run oe.
When it refuses to run at all, all I get is a quick flash of what looks like a CMD window, then nothing.

Incidentally, at other times I've noticed that Microsoft Edge seems to interfere with OE.
When OE is working, if I have MS Edge open then sometimes OE won't open either.
If I close Edge then OE will run again.
I dont thing that Egde causes that. If any other user has such experience and thinks that Edge causes such issues, please reply.
You may create a shortcut of msimn.exe file which is located on oe install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express) nadtry running oe from there to cehck if there is any difference.
Also please let me know what antivirus do you use.
I am using Avast free antivirus.

I too have no idea why Microsoft Edge might interfere with OE but I can only report my observations, strange as they might seem.

Thanks for your help so far...
Please follow this guide to make a shortcut of oe (to run withour admin rights):

Run it from that shortcut to check if issue still exists.