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Full Version: Clicking "mailto" link
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When I click on a Mailto link to send an email, the message window briefly opens, (really fast) and closes. I have looked for a solution in the posts but did not find anything.

I did see, and set the default mail program in both options and control panel.

Windows 7 professional

have you tried reinstalling?
Fresh computer and Fresh install!
some times that happens because ms office is installed after outlook express.
Please try reinstalling and let me know if worked
Nope. did a reinstall and it does the same thing. You can see a window briefly pop up and close
Hello Rafael???????
10 days and no reply. Hello!
Sorry for the late reply.
Have you set outlook express default?
Yes it is set as default. Still does it
That feature has never worked for me either. I finally gave up on even using it.  I copy the line in the address bar, then open OE and compose a new email message, then paste the link into the email. Sounds more difficult than it really is. I asked Rafael for a solution but it was never resolved. Good luck. Huh
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