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Full Version: Can't Change Store Folder
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I may have updated Win 10 or did something . . . not sure.  But then OE disappeared.  So I ran oe_restore.exe and reinstalled OE version 2.  OE came back and looked okay.  Then I wanted to update the store folder from my wife's Win 7 machine.  So I transferred her store folder to the Win 10 Desktop.  I then went to the Maintenance tab on OE and the current store folder was in the traditional place (you know, a bizzilion number, etc).  I pressed change and selected the new store folder which was on the desktop.  Now, the dialog box indicated the store folder was in the new place on the Desktop.  I clicked OK and everything closed.  When I re-opened OE, the old store folder was still there and not replaced with the new location on the Desktop.

Tried it several times and finally transferred all of the updated files individually to the old location.   Finally all of the updated email messages and their folders showed up normally on the OE opening page.

Changing the Store Folder always worked before, so I must be missing something . . . Any ideas?
Maby that happened because windows could not copy your email folders (DBX files) to the new location.
When you change the store folder, it actually changes when oe opens next time. If in that particular time oe could not copy your dbx files to the new location for some reason, it will not change.
THat may happen because oe was not closed corectly for some reason. If that happens next time, you can simple change store folder, restart your computer and AFTER restarting open oe again.