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Full Version: OE Backup program- works great!
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Folks, I've been intending to upload this program for quite some time and keep forgetting it. I know finding a good backup program for our OE has been a problem, more so one that's free. This one was actually a shareware program from years back when the original OE was on the scene. Even so, it works just fine with this new version of OE! I've used it ever since it first came out and still use it. I've used it with both Windows 8.1 and 10.

After you unzip the file, right click on it and run it as administrator. I don't remember if I first did that or not, but you can do it just to be on the safe side. When you run it, uncheck the option to back up Internet Explorer's Favorites. That's changed so much since OE's days that it can cause problems. Tell it where you want the backup to go and you're in business. I like the program a lot! Even though it's shareware it runs just fine. However, it's not supported any longer, but don't let that stop you.

Hope ya all like it!

Ron K
I should add that in the note I posted before this one, the one about OE's compacting my emails and destroying the emails in my Inbox, I hadn't used this program to back up my emails just before the destruction happened, so I had to import the Inbox from the backup I had made the night before using my regular backup program. That was was easier because it was only my Inbox that had been destroyed, but if you have a bigger problem you will be really thankful you used this program to back up all of your emails.
Thanks for sharing Ron.