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Full Version: folder destination issues
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I bought a new PC and before I wiped my old one I copied the "Outlook Express" folder to a USB drive. I installed OE on my new PC, went to tools - options - Maintenance - store folder to see where OE had decided to put my folders. I then copied my backed up copy to the path specified but I don't see any of my old stuff. I have rebooted and still nothing. Anyone have a solution for me please, I've got 3 gig of old mail and addresses I need to access.

Hi Tim, are you sure you copied ALL of the dbx folders? There is one named folders.dbx and if that one is missing then you won't see you stuff when you open OE. When I opened the "store folder" location I changed the location to "MY Mail" in the documents folder to make it easier to find, backup, and archive the email folders. You do need that folders.dbx from your old OE though. Hope this helps.
Hi Geo,

Thanks for that, folders.dbx is there.
when I look at the path I get this:
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Identities\{EC35B18A-7E52-4AF5-BA03-46D6BCFA0C9F}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

and when I paste that into a file folder I get a list of about 30 folders all *.dbx including inbox.dbx that is dated today but other older folders that don't show on my Outlook express.
most likely you have not deleted (replaced) blank ones. Please check the path again and delete the existing files before copying the dbx files you have backed up.
Outlook express must be closed during this. There is no need to reboot your pc, just make sure that you have copied all files (including folders.dbx file)
Tim, one thing I notice from looking at your attachment is that your file extensions are not shown. I would strongly suggest you go to windows explorer and change the folder options, view tab, and uncheck the box "hide file extensions of known file types". This really bugs me because you always want to know the file type. I notice that your have duplicate *.dbx folders. The folders with a large size are the folders from your backup. I would suggest removing ALL of the folders and then copy only the folders from you backup. I still don't see the folder.dbx folder. I think you have the folders created by the OE install comingled with the folders from your backup. OE may be using the new folder.dbx file instead of the one from your backup. Just clean everything out of the main folder and then copy only the folders from your backup and you should be good.

Here is a screenshot of my OE folders. As you can see, I created a new folder named "My Mail" and placed it in the folder with my username. This makes it much easier to manage the email folders. The OE folders with a year in the name I use to archive my emails every year. Hope my suggestions are helpful to you.

Thanks very much.

I changed my folder location to documents/my mail, shut down OE, deleted the old version and put the saved version into my mail, re opened OE and it all looks like it used to look with all of my old mail back where it should be.

Thanks again everyone.
Great job Tim! Glad you got it working. Now if I could just get my issue resolved. I use Firefox and when I try to email a link, or click on "contact us", OE opens to my Inbox instead of a new message window. I've been working through this for over a week now. Does it work correctly in your browser? I am using Windows 7.
I've just downloaded firefox to see how mine reacts but :
1, I'm using win 10 and
2, It's not my default.

I can't recreate the issue you have sorry.
(05-05-2017, 01:26 PM) Wrote: [ -> ]I've just downloaded firefox to see how mine reacts but :
1, I'm using win 10 and
2, It's not my default.

I can't recreate the issue you have sorry.

Yeah, if you don't normally use FF then you wouldn't see the issue because in the FF settings, options, and applications, you have to set the "mailto" to the new OE6. I think by default FF sets it to Yahoo Mail or Gmail. Rafail is usually quick at responding to the problem but he must be very busy right now. Thanks for trying to test this for me.
there is a double post about this, Reinstalling oe usually solves that issue. Please try reinstalling. There is no need to uninstall first, just install again so nothing will be lost.
FF updates almost weekly, i believe that this has to do with that.
also it is very important to set oe as default: