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Full Version: russian attachment encoding
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when i attach file with russian name with "send to" function name of attacment is invalid encoding

normally by attach this file to letter is all OK
That is a unicode bug, ill try to update this on next ver if there is a way.
problem sill exists
Have you tried to change your Language locale to your language (Russian) ?
To do that you have to open Control panel>Region and Language and go to "Administrative" tab, Select there your language by pressing "Change System locale" and reboot your pc.

Some times you have to change that twice to work, so you may set it to another language (like English), reboot, change it again to your language and reboot again.


That is a windows code page problem that affects many software, but the fix above works with some languages
I tried, but it did not give any result.
I think local is set to right value cause when I have change locale form Russian to English all letters in OE interface become a '?' char.
Screenshot of problem:[attachment=280]
I'm afraid that the only thing you can do if no success from setting right locale, is to rename your files to English, or at least English characters.
And that happens because OE Core dll's are English versions, that does not affect other languages but in this case (file attachment names sent by right click context or from external programs like Word), may affect some non Languages like Russian that have totally different characters from English.

But i can help you further with this i you really need this, please contact me at sending me some more info i need for researching it further, like does this happen when you insert attachment manually to message from OE.