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Full Version: Error Message when Clicking on Email Address
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Using OE2.1 - Win7 Get the following error message when clicking on an email address within OE:

"Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed." Then, multiple IE11 windows are uncontrollably opened on the screen.

I checked the following:
OE Options show it is the default mail handler. Went to Control Panel and made sure OE was selected as the default program.

I operate another identical computer using OE2.1 and Win7. Clicking on email links in OE operates normally. Looking for differences but haven't found any yet . . . It's my wife's computer and am under duress! . . . HELP!
Hello Bauto,
It is a known issue and can be solved easily.
This happens because internet explorer has been updated on your computer. Outlook express shares some internet explorer libraries and some updates of internet explorer causing issues. This applies even if you dont use internet explorer as default browser.

To solve that you must uninstall internet explorer updates and get back Internet explorer 8
in case you want help downgrading internet explorer, please follow the steps below:

Go to Control panel and click on "Programs and Features"
Click "View Installed Updates" on the left and find Internet Explorer on the list, right click on it and click "Uninstall"
Will ask reboot, click yes.


This will Uninstall internet explorer 11 and revert it back to internet explorer 8 that is compatible with Outlook expres "Mail-to" links and everything will be fine.
Thanks Rafail,

I followed your directions and got the links to work okay.

BUT on restart, my desktop icons connecting to internet pages were blank and had no Web Document tab in Properties, so I can't find the URL that the shortcut was pointing to.

Now with IE8, a lot of internet websites say I must upgrade to a more recent version . . . like IE11 which I had before I removed the update.

Further, why do the OE email links work in my other win7 machine using OE2.1.1 and IE11?

Should I reinstall IE11 or what? I'm now in kind of a mess.

I reinstalled IE11 on Computer A, and now I'm back where I started. If my other win7 computer B, with OE2.1.1.1 works okay with IE11 clicking on linked email addresses, there must be a way to get computer A working in the same way.

the reason of that is because most likely ie updated after oe installation
Try reinstalling OE after ie11 instalation
Hi Rafail,

Well, I reinstalled OE 2.1.1 after IE installation as you suggested . . . but the originally described problem still persists (on computer A). Email links continue to work okay on Computer B.
Suggest you to use ie8 that is tasted to work and use another borwser for browsing (like chrome or firefox)
Hi Rafail,

The problem is when I uninstall the IE11 updates, which reverts to IE8, the desktop icons go blank with no Web Document tab in Properties . . . a pain to reconstruct! And more importantly . . . IE8 is an outdated browser and doesn't work with many, many websites.

Does IE8 have to be installed in order for OE2.1.1 to work? I could delete it from the computer and install Firefox, but I haven't tried that yet, so I'm not sure if using Firefox would be better.

How can I determine WHY OE2.1.1 with win7 and IE11 works fine on one of my computers. Linked email addresses when clicked go directly to a new message OE window with the address showing in the TO. Completely normal! Is there a way to compare the DLL versions or other shared files between OE and IE? What might I look for?

IE11 and OE2.1.1 are compatible, at least on one of my computers. The questions is, "what is the condition causing incompatibility!"

most likely an update, ie comes with tons of updates and it's bit difficult to find out what update is causing this. Other features are functioning well, only mailto is affected.

Will OE2.1.1 work on win7 if I remove all versions of Internet Explorer? Then I would probably plan to use Firefox, assuming OE likes it.
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