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Full Version: Import emails from another computer
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To import emails from old computer to new one please follow this guide.

1'st Phase: Backup emails from old computer

Open outlook express and go to "Tools>Options" and click on "Maintenance" Tab.

Pressing the "Store Folder" button, will open a new window with the path of email folders.

Browse that path and copy "Outlook Express" Folder to a usb drive and move it to new computer.

2'nd Phase: Import emails to new computer
To import, just do the opposite of phase 1, replace copied "Outlook Express" folder to new computer.

2'nd Phase: Alternative method

Open outlook express and go to "File>Import>Messages"

Select "Outlook Express 6" from the list and click "Next"

Select "Import from an OE6 store directory" and click "OK"

Click "Browse", select the "Outlook Express" folder that copied from old computer and click "Next"

In this step, you may select what folders you need to import, or "All folders" then click "Next"

Import Finished. Click Finish
Yesterday Windows 10 deleted your version of Outlook Express from our recently acquired computer, along with the content data. We knew this was a risk and have reinstalled it using the key we had from you but, unlike a previous occasion (when Microsoft first upgraded us, without consent, from Windows 7 to Windows 10), this time we have not been able to recover the lost emails. I've tried looking for an OE Appdata file as a hidden file in C:\Users.....etc but it does not seem to be there. When I try importing our saved backup file from Desktop I get the message "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open." Same thing when I try importing the backup file from a removable harddisk where they are also saved. Yet there are no relevant files open - I have checked this in Task Manager. Any suggestions, please, as to how to get OE to import the backup files successfully? Incidentally there was no problem restoring the OE address file which we had also saved to desktop. regards - Nick Steinitz
To import old emails, you have to select the "Outlook Express" folder that contains the .DBX files, the path is "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Identities\{Identity folder}\Outlook express.
If there are more than one {Identity folders}, try checking which is the bigger one.
Thanks! Success this time - maybe last time I didn't select the right element of the Identities path..who knows?? Now that the data are restored to OE we can carry on using it until next time Microsoft deletes it, but is there any news on whether they'll ever be prepared to stop doing this? Are they assuming RunAsXp's adaptation of OE is unsafe? If so, can it be tweaked further to satisfy them? It's a right bore having to go through this palaver every time there's a Windows 10 automatic update, especially as they seem to give no prior warning of updates (which would give users a chance to ensure backups were fully up to date). Nick Steinitz
Disabling updates on win 10 is the only solution currently, otherwise oe is marked as incompatible and removed.
Making frequent backups is also a good idea.