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Full Version: Windows 10 update Restore tool
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Restore OE after Windows 10 update

This tool will restore OE after Windows 10 Upgrade or Major Update

How to use:
Run oe_restore.exe and click "Restore OE" Button

Emails, Acconts and Address book will be restored.

Remember that you may need to switch identies after restore to load the needed identity


NOTE: This tool is in beta phase, this means that may not work for all users. For any problem, suggestion or question please reply this thread.
Hello .. Outlook Express was automatically deleted after the installation of the latest upgrade of Windows 10 version. Before I know your restoration tool, tried reinstalling Outlook Express, but it appeared an error when OE tried to connect with your server to check the key. Luckily, the windows not erased the .dbx files from Outook Express folder, then this part will not be problem..
I tried the restoration tool after my attempt of installation, but nothing happens. How can I reinstall your Oulook Express without error in the new Windows 10?
The error's warn: "Cannot connect to server to check installation key. Please check your connectivity or try again later" , but the internet works fine and your donnation page is ok from your OE

That may happen because of some firewall or antivirus blocking the connection. Try turning off any av or firewall.
Also check if you have more that one network connections o and disable them temporarly except the one it's for internet.
And make sure you have downloaded latest version
When I first tried to install OE6 ver. 2.0 I had issues with my ESET Nod32 AV. I tried disabling it and still would not let me install. Work around was to go into ESET AV and uncheck the boxes that told ESET to integrate into Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express/Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail. It is in setting, advanced, Web and Email, Email client protection, Email client integration. Once those are unchecked OE6 installed fine and works fine. ESET NOD32 still checks email sent and received so not without total protection.

Just had my second windows 10 cumulative update and OE is still fine and running great with no problem, thanks
Thank you for providing this valuable service.

I'm really beginning to hate windows 10 !
I've tried to download the restore tool but avg has detected it as the "luhe fiha" virus and disable it
It's a false positive alert, will contact avg for that.
thanks Smile
On my desktop I dual boot, Windows 8.1 Pro and XP Pro. Because I have multiple domains and multiple email addresses I created an "Outlook Express Database" folder and put all the email account databases in that one folder in a separate drive on my computer. Both XP and Windows 8.1 can access them when I run OE6. In Windows 8.1 I have edited the registry to show the "store" folder to where this is located at in my particular drive. So, each account, has it's own "identity" and if I go into that identity it is now edited to go outside the normal "C:" drive of that OS (remember, when you boot into either XP or 8.1 THAT operating system becomes the default "C" drive then) It is handy that way as if I run Outlook Express when I am in 8.1 all my messages that are saved, sent, etc etc. always come up, and then when I boot into XP when or if I run Outlook Express (MS Version) those emails I downloaded or sent show up, and nothing is lost or duplicated.

Now, if I upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, do I need to go to that registry point and make a back up of that whole list of identities (It can be as one .reg file) and then write them back into the registry after the update, or are they going to stay right where they are? I don't know what the "Restore Tool" does exactly, but wondering if this is part of what it does.
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