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Full Version: Resize Outlook Express Windows
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This free tool enables resizing non-resizable Dialog windows.

Many times the size of the window or the dialog is not enaough to work.

ResizeEnable will allow resizing any dialog and any window on Outlook express.
It is very usable for dialogs like Add attachment dialog that the window is very small and difficult to browse to select file attachments.


This tool also works with all programs not only for Outlook Express.

Thanks to for this useful tool

How to use:
Download and extract zip file and run ResizeEnableRunner.exe

That's it. Now all windows are resizable. You need to run this tool every time you restart your pc, except if you add it to windows stratup so it will run automatically.

I am curious if anyone else has used this ? How well does it work, and if there are any side effects to it's use?

I have that very same size issue with the attachment dialogue window.

This tool will not work for attachment window, it only works for whole window, not for objects nside window.
Thank you Rafail.
Disappointing as the attachment dialogue window needs to be larger.

Thank You...


Thank you.
Very nice . . . and needed . . . app for Windows!   Smile