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Full Version: Setup on Windows7, Now Gmail Suddenly Blocking Email
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I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but I like Outlook Express so much better than Windows Live Mail, that I was so happy to find this software, so I immediately paid/donated to get a key and set it up on windows 7 and used it.

Immediately after I got bombarded from Google with suspicious activity notices. Then they began blocking me from all my email accounts that I had used in your modified Outlook Express. All this occurred within a span of about 10 minutes of the setup and use of this software.

Eventually I was able to get 2 Gmail accounts back and working, but my main and most important one, would not work with any pop3 mail client. I was able to gain access to it by web mail, after answering a security question and setting up more security measures they wanted, after they blocked me, but I still could not use Outlook Express for this particular email account.

At first I thought it was your software not working, but then I went back to the real Outlook Express on Windows XP only to find it NOT working there anymore suddenly after working fine for Years!.

I did realize it stopped working after using your software. It appears they really considered it a security risk or maybe strange when I tried to access email from Outlook Express from Windows 7, maybe when they know there is no Outlook Express for Windows 7, and terminated my access to all my accounts thereafter, or the ones I had put in your outlook express.

For days I have been trying to get all those particular Gmail Accounts to work normally by getting help on a Gmail forum. After spending days and hours and hours trying to fix this nightmare, I finally was able to get all of them working with pop3 email clients again. Or so I thought. Now only my main one will still NOT work with pop3 email of Outlook Express.

I had tried everything their top guys recommended for days on the Gmail Help site. I had to do a lesson security on all my accounts because they do not consider Outlook express secure. Ultimately I also had to do a modification on all my accounts for what they call a recent addition to my account so that I Can still use all my accounts on different pop3 email clients, after I had to go back to using Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 when they blocked me. At that point Outlook Express could not get any of my email. Now it is back to just one account it cannot get.

BTW, I had not used your modified version since, I have been back on Windows XP's Outlook Express trying to fix these sudden problems.
In most of times you can use gmail on any email client without problems. But if you connect to gmail from new computer and new email client, some times gmail want to be sure that you are the owner of the gmail account and you need to verify and allow access to the email client.

That happens because gmail has updated the security policy ann when you connect with new email Client on new computer you must unlock cpatcha. That happens with every email client and has not only to do with our version of outlook express.

You can search on google for that. And it is just an option on gmail to allow accees on email client if blocked. And as i said it may happen with every email client. Unlock captcha will unblock your new email client and permanently allow it.

Here are some pages from different email clients that have the same issue with gmail:
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gmail says Thunderbird not safe

Outlook cannot connect to Gmail after July 15, 2014

as you can see this is a general issue and has not to do with outlook express itself and more not with our version