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Full Version: Eset Email client intergradion disable
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Eset Email client intergradion is incompatible with Outlook express on newer windows and may cause Outlook Express to crash.
"Client intergration" of Eset is an antispam filter. For users that needs to use antispam filters, SpamIhilator is suggested, it's free, full compatible with Outlook Express and used my million of users worldwide
download Spamihilator here:

To disable ESET email intergration follow these steps:
For Current Eset version:

Open Eset and click on "Setup"

Now click on "Internet protection"

Click on settings icon on "email client protection"

Turn off "Intergrate into Outlook Express" and click OK.



For Older Eset versions:
Open ESET Smart Security.

Press F5 on your keyboard to access Advanced setup.

Expand Web and email→ Email client protection and click Email client integration.

Deselect the check box next to your Outlook Express and click OK to save your changes.

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