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Full Version: How to import .EML files
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Step by step guide to iport .eml files (drag-drop)

1. Open tray icon 'settings' menu (right click on oe tray icon and click 'settings')

2. On settings menu click 'Create OE shortcut without administrative rights' (this will create a special shortcut on desktop that will allow dropping .eml files on ie folders). Warning: it is not suggested to use OE from that shortcut for every day use because many functions will not work. Use that shortcut just for dropping your .eml files and then delete it or uncheck the checkbox on 'settings menu so it wll be deleted).

3. Close Outlook Express and run it this time from that shortcut and drop your .eml files to the desired folder.


4. DONE!. Remember to delete that shortcut
Does this work in Windows 10?
I tried setting up another shortcut, not administrator, found a list of all the .eml files, then created a folder in Outlook Express.

When I tried to drag-n-drop the 1st .eml file, the system did not allow the drop to happen, it just kept the "no entry" cursor icon no matter where I tried to drag it to (except for the task bar, it would allow me to drop it there!).

Where have I gone wrong?
You must create the special shortcut using tray icon 'settings' menu: