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Full Version: Duplicate Remover for OE and WinMail
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Delete Duplicates for Outlook Express and Windows Mail can remove duplicates easily. This tool is tasted and works with Outlook Express for newer Windows.


Download 64Bit

Download 32Bit
I tried the 64 bit version of the Dup rremover and I never got any indication that it started.

Never saw a menu or any response from it.

I used PRCVIEW and it was not running.

Any thoughts?????
Normally it sould work. Have you installed it or you could not even install?
Yes, It installed correctly. Got to the 'Finish' dialog and a opted to
start it up manually.

I just re-installed and got to the finish dialog and let it try a start up
the application to no avail.

I viewed PRCVIEW and did not see anything running that looked like it.

Further thoughts ???
First of all check that you have 64 bit windows, else download 32 bit.
Try running as administrator, and check if any antivirus is blicking it.
As i see, this programs publisher says that it is designed to run normally on windows 7 and 8. i have checked it and it looks to work fine.
Yes, I am running 64 bit.
I am running as administrator as I am the administrator.

I will try a few other things and let you know how it goes.
Will not run on Windows 10
this app is for win 7 and 8