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Full Version: KLS Mail Backup
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Yet another free email backup utility:

"KLS Mail Backup is an easy to use backup program that allows you to back up and restore your Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Firefox profile files."

Hello Midas!

That is a great tool for making backups for outlook express, thank you for sharing!
The only problem is that it wont backup Outlook Express on windows 7 , giving an error that "The version of windows is not supported".
Thats because it Thinks like outlook express is not available on windows 7.
But there is a solution for that, running it with XP compatibility, it will work fine!
See pics

[Image: klsmail0.jpg]

[Image: klsmail1.jpg]

[Image: klsmail2.jpg]
Hi and sorry for the late response. This is great news! Big Grin

And many thanks for working it out...

Thank you for the share....


Thanks for the share.
Thank you...