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Full Version: [SOLVED] Run Outlook Express by msimn.exe
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It's a good mail client!
Some users in my environment has no administrative rights on its PC. They cannot run Outlook Express by StartOE.exe. And steps on "How to Exclude Outlook Express from UAC" not helped me in this.
Can they run Outlook Express by C:\Program Files (x86)\Outlook Express\msimn.exe? Whether it will work fine?
Of course its fine!
The only difference is that when starting Outlook Express from startoe.exe you have the tray icon (on taskbar right ) and is has a right click menu where you can change language, and some other options (this tool is not microsoft's , it's created by runasxp and improves OE), but you can run oe in old way by just running msimn.exe.
As for the "How to Exclude Outlook Express from UAC", it is for just not asking everytime tu run OE, but that thread was for the previous version, on this version the msimn.exe must be replaced with startoe.exe in the instruction to work.