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Full Version: Fidolook SL for windows 7 / 8
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[Image: fidolooksl.gif]

Fidolook is freeware extension for Microsoft Outlook Express. This program dramatically enhance Outlook Express. Has comprehensive approach for message headers, templates and quoting customization as well as mask support in message templates. Extend services for local news and mail folders. Allow import and export messages to files and more.

[Image: fidolook-win7.jpg]

Fidolook Sl wont work on newer windows platforms, so this version has been patched by to solve that problem.
Unfortunately "NewsSaver" has been disabled for now because it has some problems.

Copy the files from the zip file it the same directory that "Outlook Exporess" for windows 7/8 is installed and start Outlook Express normally.

[Image: download.png]

DOWNLOAD Fidolook HL (v6.0.2800.95 2007)

DOWNLOAD Fidolook SL (v6.0.2800.86 2002)
Your description mentions only SL, but then there are two downloads - HL and SL. Could you clarify?
The HL is newer version (2007), not many differences in any case
HI Rafail

Thank you for Sharing. Does this work with Win 10?

Thank you.
This does not seem to work for me.
Please help.
please be more speceific. why does not work> do you get any error? have you copied the required files to your outlook express installation directory?