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.wab Windows Address Book, does not show up right
When I try to open the WAB  also known as Windows Address Book, outside of using Outlook Express (Windows 10) it opens some other contact thing I don't recognize.  This is on my work computer that Brian moved us all to a domain a while back.  Works fine on my laptop and desktop at home.  BUT, when I go into control panel in the work computer and choose default associations the file, ".wab"  does not show up.  It DOES show up on my laptop and works great.  Is there someplace in the registry that I can tweak to let Windows 10 show .wab file and then an association with the extension?

Still have issues with getting my email from gmail now on my company computer.  I was ok doing this before the domain issue.  I am an administrator, but it is as if there is some blockade that prevents OE from accessing the server, JUST on my work desktop.  To find out, I created another profile on laptop and low and behold I get my Fenn Valley email just fine with it.  No issues.  Username, password are all the same.

I can dual boot my office computer and when I boot into Windows XP, and use Outlook Express I get my email and all is fine.  Same settings, same ports, same username and password.  In fact, I long ago moved the Outlook Express folder to my D: partition (part of the drive) and for a while it did not matter if I was in Windows XP or Windows 10 and used the Outlook Express I got here.  I set the same location for the folder and hence, email were always current and were the same in either  operating system.

Any thoughts on how to fix it so I can again use OE6 on my office desktop computer?  BTW, Outlook 2003, in my Windows 10 set up also does not allow me to get email, so it is not just OE6.  I can use Firefox and log in and see my email with Windows 10 on my office computer.
Wab file extension is being associated (to open with outlook express) by default when installing outlook express.
If that does not happen on you, that menas that you have unchecked the address book option when installing.
You can reinstall and make sure that the addtess book checkbox is selected on installer (last screen beforepressing finish).

In any canse, you can avoid reinstalling by importing wab file on address book. To do that, you cna open outlook express and go to (File>Import>Address book)
this will open you a window to select the wab file.

After importing, your contacts will appear on outlook express address book.

As for gmail, it is very important to follow ALL steps on guide below:

I had uninstalled the whole program using a special uninstaller, called Revo Uninstall.  That program creates a restore point before continuing, then uses the built in uninstaller for the program you are uninstalling,  THEN  it searches through the entire registry and offer highlighted registry entries with a box you can check next to them (it discerns only those items with the now uninstalled program) and after you check the boxes you can choose "delete" at the bottom.  It will even search for left over files and give same option.

When I re-installed OE6  there was a check box in the use WAB box, so I just left it.     The address book works within running OE6 and I imported the addresses I had exported to another part of the hard drive.  However, if I right click on WAB.EXE  and send to desktop, and try to run it as a stand alone and import addresses there, it comes up with Microsoft Contacts, not the WAB program I am familiar with.

I go into Control Panel and go to Default Programs, and look at "associate files types with programs" and search down through the list.  On this laptop that has OE6 installed  (Windows 10) it shows up at .vxd,  .wab,  .wav  and has the proper icons associated with it.  On my desktop computer, same area, that which shows up is .vxd  then .wav  there is no .wab in-between there for association.    Very odd.

I'll look at that set up on gmail.  However, as I made a  new "identity" in my laptop for my work mail, Fenn-Valley,  and set it up I have no problems getting and sending email through that identity.

Also on my work desktop, even Outlook 2003 won't connect to the mail server.  it's as if I am being blocked or the program was not registered properly.  Brian set up my computer on a  domain, and things have not worked smoothly since.
Are you sure thay you have installed last version 2.2.1?

I downloaded the newest version 2.2.1 and now the WAB is working correctly.  However, I had installed that version previous, but this time I did something different.  I opened cmd prompt as administrator and run sfc /scannow  and let it run.  Rebooted and it had fixed some issues.  Now, after installing it again, the Windows Address Book that I "sent to desktop" works as it used to.  I imported the address book I had created by booting into Windows XP, running Outlook Express and then exported the .wab with the date to a place in my "D" drive that I could find when booting into Window 10.   Example:   named it 1-10-18.wab  and when I was in Windows 10, after installing the 2.2.1 version I opened the now shortcut Windows Address Book on my desktop and imported the file previously saved.    WAB now works and does show up as a registered extension file in default program files in the Control Panel.

Now if I could only figure out the windows 10 domain problem.  In Windows XP Pro I can get my fennvalley email, of course, using Outlook Express that came with it.  But in Windows 10 now that Brian has moved my computer to an active domain,  ad.fennvalley  I have not been able to get into my email as it appears to stop at the server.

I created an additional "Identity" on this laptop I am writing this (on)  and made the new identity  "Fenn Valley"  and set up the username, passwords, ports to use for gmail, everything as it is on my work Desktop and I can be using the winery's Internet Service provide, and run OE6, change to the new identity and I can receive and send email on this laptop.  So it is not a setting or password, unless there is a buried password that "defaults" and is not right, that is buried in my Work Desktop computer in Windows 10.

By The Way,   I have Outlook 2003 installed in my Work Desktop computer and even it, as a windows 10 program, won't allow me to get my  work emails.  Same username, same password and same port setting and all are the same.  Won't work with Outlook 2003 either .... on my Work Desktop.

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