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supplemental email identity email problem

At wits end here.
I have a supplemental email on an identity, that will not delete emails from the server ...each time it is logged on it starts loading a huge amount of emails as far back as  2016.
usually from 1000 to 6000 emails are downloading... i have reinstalled and deleted but it keeps happining over and over.  The main identity works just fine as far as i can tell.

This is a new install on Dell 7010 I7 running windows 7 pro.

What is my problem? Dodgy

Hello Sam,
i suggest you trying to create new identity from scratch ans see what happens.


Thanks for a quick reply!

I think I have solved it...  I believe some of the files were corrupted in the inbox.dbx.
I kept downloading and deleting and compacting folder and all folders finally i noticed
the count which was at one time as high as 10k emails (also deselected leave copy on server)
and I noticed the count started to drop sometimes it would go back to same count but i kept
doing this and finally they all were gone.

That secondary identity now seems to be working just fine.  The main identity was always
working as it should.

This OE is the best email program and I thank you for allowing us to keep it going.

Best Regards
Sam Glass
Thanks for sharing Sam

Hi Guys,It seems most agree that the OUTLOOK EXPRESS from XP (2003!) was the best MS had to offer. They screwed it up in Vista ~ make it worst ~7 ~8 ~10! I still use and LOVE my 2003 XP os! I have XP program installed on my new windows 10 too. I believe if MS offered that same " XP & OUTLOOK EXPRESS" they would sell a bunch! Dean Kraus Smile

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