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password being rejected
Until yesterday - my main computer was downloading my gmails, as well as my other accounts such as Comcast,  every 15 minutes. As of today - gmail won't download or send out on Outlook Express, even though gmail is working fine on my other devices that do not use Outlook Express. The comcast emails still download fine on OE - but the gmail demands the password before every action - and then rejects the password. The same password works perfectly when I go on Google to download my gmails. I have not changed my passwords - so why is OE rejecting only the gmail account, and not rejecting the Comcast account?
please make sure that you have followed 3 steps below (required for gmail):

STEP1. Please make sure that you have enabled POP access on your Gmail account:

STEP2. You must enable this option on gmail for email clients to be used for your gmail:

STEP3. Try sending email, if fails, you must unlock captcha.
To do thay just open this link:


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