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outlook reset
Hi, I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to this stuff. I purchased an outlook express 6 for my windows 10, using 365 office from this forum and it works well. I was away for a week and on returning my malware bytes virus scan appears to have quarantined the program along with around 300 odd PUP. I did a quick look before emptying the folder and must have missed it. Is there someway of getting it back from the system?
Malwarebytes does not quarantine outlook express. Most likely Windows 10 has performed updates and that's why you lost oe.
Windows 10 updates is removing oe and some other software, that's why i suggest turning off Windows 10 automatic updates.
You can read more here for how to:

Also you can try using restore tool:

And when re-installing, please make sure that you have last version 2.1:


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