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oe_restore shows errormessage when run
I finally had to ditch my 8 year old XP laptop for a newer Win10_64bit one. A move I postponed as long as possible due to my use of "Outlook Express".
I am ok in finding my way around where my files are stored. I am still using OE6 and I am able to restore my 8 identities I have manually. Ranging from work, personal and hobby-related identities I have. I manage, but it is time consuming as to do it "every" month after a Win10 update. I am also using the "windows updates disabler". But I feel a bit neurotic not to have updated my system on a monthly base. Now I was trying to use the oe_restore software. But when executing the program, the warning message as in attached image shows up. Before I continue using it I would like to know if this warning affects this restore tool and if I am the only one who has this error? I am a bit hesitant checking it out myself right now and would like your feedback what could cause this message. On another note: where is the portable version of "Outlook Express" as was mentioned somewhere else.
Regards, Dirk

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auto restore tool is only for emergency and not working always,
you can try manually import old emails
portable version has been stopped because of unresolved issues


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