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newsaver fatal error
Hi folks,

I'm getting a fatal error whenever OE starts up regarding Newsaver. I know it's been disabled according to the forum, but how I do get rid of the fatal error every time OE starts up. This is from the addition of Fidolook, of course. I'm using the latest version of OE- Windows 10, which doesn't really mean anything. There you go, folks. How do I get rid of the fatal error pop-up? Confused

Thanks to one and all.

Ron K
What version of Fidolook did you installed? Did you extracted all files on Outlook express folder?
Because NewsSaver Works on new version but some times causes problems, if it wont work for you, you can simply rename NewsSaver.dll to NewsSaver.dll.old and it will work normally (without news saver)

You are fast! I downloaded the HL version. I unzipped the files and copied them all into the Outlook Express folder. Other than the error pop-up it's working fine. I see a lot of new menu items in OE now than I had before. I've never used FidoLook before. In fact I had never heard of it, so it'll take a while for me to get to understand it and use its benefits. I may rename the dll file like you suggested, if it continues to give the pop-up error. That's probably the best.

I sure appreciate the work you've done on this!

Thank you so much.


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