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lost emails in Inbox after compacting
My OE just compacted all emails and when I opened OE up again, all my emails in the Inbox had vanished! How could this happen??? All other emails seem to still be okay and in their proper folders. Are those Inbox emails gone for good??? I sure hope not. Oh- I'm running Windows 8.1 on this machine. I got tired of Windows 10 destroying everything every time it updated one of the big ones.


Ron K
Update- I checked the folder where those emails were supposed to be and it was indeed very small. It's obvious that somehow the emails were destroyed when OE was compacting. I had just done a full backup the night before, so I found the folder where OE was backed up and imported the lost emails back into OE.
My advice would be to cancel OE's attempting to compact emails. Then back them up. After that, go ahead and let it compact.
I agree Ron,
Backup before compacting is strongly suggested.
Thanks for sharing backup tool also, i moved it to Tools section:

My privilege to do anything I can to help you and everyone else here.

I manually turn off compacting Outlook Express folders on my desktop when I get the message to compact.  This way I can backup first before compacting.  Now my laptop, running windows 10 and your outlook express software, wants me to compact.  However when I go into the registry on my laptop I do not have those extra paths to reset compacting folders.  See the image below.  How do I turn off the compacting request for Outlook Express?

1st photo desktop
2nd photo windows 10 laptop
[Image: 34284483_10216683087098745_9135207490823...e=5BBAE52E]

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