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import messages does not recognize files
Hi Rafael,

Yes the store folder was on a working version of OE I downloaded from RunasXP a few years ago. The program was working fine until my HDD started acting really slow at some times as if there was something about to fail. I have downloaded a new, donation paid for OE onto my HP Laptop - and I can not get Import to work.

I am not clear what you mean by this. "But you can try to replace existing (blank) dbx files with the ones you need to import.
find the store folder location (image below) and replace existing dbx files."

With the new downloaded OE version I have removed all messages so Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Deleted and Drafts Folders are all blank. The storage folder has all of the folder dbx files in them plus a file called Pop3uidl

I have a local folder with all of the previous folders from my earlier version of OE in a folder named Folders on my desktop. Within it are all the folders I have had for 17 years in DBX file type with hundreds of emails. I have done this importing over the years from W98, Win XP and your RunasXP OE V6 without issues.

Are you able to be a little more explanatory please.

Thanks again, Tony.
I wasn’t quite sure what you meant, but I think I now have understood:
I deleted all of the default folders in the storage folder of the newly downloaded OE V6.
Then copied all the DBX files from my previous OE storage folder and pasted them as replacement of the deleted default DBX files.
Reopened the new OE and there it is - worked.
So, done without using the Import wizard. Very strange, I didn’t expect it to work but it did.
Thank you again for your help.
Regards, Tony.
tony, you wrote above that the disk failed on the computer that you have copied email folder from.
This may mean that there may be a corruption on your dbx files (that explains why import fails)
You replaced dbx files manually and it worked, but you should do a compacting to be sure that your mail folders are ok.
Open outlook express and click on "File>Folder>Compact all folders"
This will check your mail folders for corruption.


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