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gmail in OE using POP3
Hi!  I'm a devoted user of runasxp's version of OE which works brilliantly for most of my email accounts, including gmail using IMAP as the incoming mail server.  My main computer runs Windows 7 Professional.  However, I've tried to add my gmail account on another computer running Windows XP using POP3 for the incoming mail server.  To the best of my knowledge I have configured it correctly - as the incoming server, as the outgoing mail server,"Remember password" box ticked and "My server requires authentification" box ticked, outgoing mail port 465, incoming mail port 993, "This server requres a secure connection (SSL)" boxes both ticked.   OE shows the account as added.  However, when I try to send or receive messages from or to the account it repeatedly comes up with a "Logon _pop.gmailcom box" asking me to enter my user name and password in appropriate boxes.  Yet both these boxes appear ready filled in (and correctly).  I duly press "Enter", but the Logon box immediately reappears, requiring me to enter my details again.  And so on ad infinitem.   How do I get it to accept my details, and will the same thing happen if I try to reconfigure my gmail account in the Windows 7 computer using POP3?

gmail needs some extra steps to work. Please check page below:


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