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another spell checker for OE!
Folks, I ran across another spell checker that I've tried and like it a lot! It lets OE work like it should. You just press the f7 key, like you normally would for the spell check, and it goes right to work and checks the spelling and gives you suggestions for replacements of any misspelled words. Neat! I found it on Major Geeks site so that's what I named the file. Try it and see what you think.

Ron K

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.zip   Major Geeks OE Spell (Size: 557.88 KB / Downloads: 15)
Thanks Ron, but we already have uploaded this tool on "Tools and Addons" Section:

That's great! It works so much better than the other one. It's not obtrusive. You run it when you want to instead of it popping up and confusing me. :-)

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