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after identity change, emails are empty
I explain,I have different identities, so when I start OE it opens with, then I change identity and open, for instance,
some times, not always, after changing identities, the new identity downloads the new mails, I see them in the upper part of the window, but when I click on one above, below I see nothing, the lower part of the window, where normally you can see the content of a selected mail, is completely void. this not only for the just downloaded mails but also for every mail that is selected above.
so I have to close OE and re-open it and then again change identity and then I see the content of the mails.
is this a bug?
That may be a bug because it happens randomly on some users.
It look like it is being solved by downgrading internet explorer to older version, please check if you have updated internet explorer.

I have OE6 under XP. Great, great soft. Except for 'different identities'. Has never worked correctly (under XP, I mean)

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