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Windows 10 updates - recovering dbx files
Windows 10 has just performed a major update on one of my computers (not this one) which has been running Outlook Express from runasxp very successfully for many months.  As usual it has totally deleted the program and all its content.  This has happened before, and as on previous occasions I have successfully reinstalled the program from your website, using the key I obtained originally.  I have also successfully reinstalled the various account details.  However, the storage folder I have previously been able to access to restore the dbx email folders (using Import Mesages) seems to have disappeared.  According to the "Tools/Options/Maintenance/Store Folder" thread it should be "C:\Users\[user's name]\AppData\Local\Identities\{45BDIZGE....................}\Microsoft\OutlookExpress".   However, on opening C:\Users\user (in this case eleanor) there is no AppData\Local\Identities...etc subfolder, nor can I find it anywhere else.  Can you please explain why this is and where to find it?  Unfortunately I have not done an external backup since last October, so unless I can find the AppData file I 've lost eight months' emails for good.  nicander79 (Nick Steinitz)
yes there is Appdata folder but you cannot see because it is hidden. You need to enable hidden files to see it.
As for emails, after win 10 updates, emails can be found on "C:\windows.old" folder (on same path).
You can use restore tool to recover them:

Thank you.  That was helpful and worked a treat.   The AppData files used not to be hidden but must have gone hidden via the recent Windows 10 update.   Anyhow I found them as per your advice and have recovered all my missing dbx files.  Nick Steinitz

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