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Windows 10 update wiped out OE
Ignore: Managed to access the Donation key response via a webmail link. Re applied key and found the emails. Thanks.
An unexplained Windows 10 update occurred today and it wiped out my OD installation.

Like a dummy, I had my license key stored in the received email when I donated and cannot get to it to reinstall.

I downloaded the installation, but don't have the license key to complete the startup and hopefully find my old emails. Plus I can't just donate again because it would send the email to my old, non-accessible email address.

Catch 22

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Terry,
Happy you finally solved it.
In any case i can resend your keys if needed.


I can't find where to find and run the restore OE tool. I've downloaded OE again, but need to restore my previous version following a Windows 10 update. Also I can't find how to turn off automatic Windows updates to stop this happening again.
You can download update disable tool and oe restore tool here:


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