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Windows 10 update Restore tool
I have used the restore tool several times over the last 24 hours.  I've used your 'key' and I've tried a two of my own that I've had saved for emergency.  

It shows installing and says wait while installing.  It never goes beyond about 25% and just idles there for hours.  I have no idea how to get it functioning properly.
See screen shot attached.

Have tried several times again on Monday. I've turned off all security items and changed from IE to Chrome, as recommended by Rafael. Nothing works.

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I went through the whole routine one last time.....and this time it worked like a charm.  I haven't the slightest idea what I did differently.  I closed everything from Microsoft on this machine and, as I said yesterday, I switched from IE to Chrome.  So, now I'm happy!
It looks like on your side something was blocking installation; most likely antivirus.
Happy to hear that you solved it.


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