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Windows 10 update Restore tool
Link below is for restore tool:

Link below is for installing outlook express (last version):

Please make sure the you have downloaded last version above and restry (restore tool or reinstalling)
If you still have issues, please let me know the exact errors that you get

Thank you.  And, I have saved this info to another email program so I can find it.
So made sure that my windows 10 updates were turned off but today, during lunch, I go back to my laptop and discovered it had rebooted itself due to a windows update!  I lost some work and rechecked but sure enough updates were turned off!  I did some research and found this comment from someone:

Turning off Windows updates works only temporarily, as Windows Update has a watchguard that can restart update service."

So how do I know if updates are truly disabled even though the screen says that it is?

The good thing is that whatever it did it did not mess with Outlook Express as I am still able to open the program.  But I am worried about the next time.
thanks for the info.
Actually windows update is a service. So if you open services (type services.msc on search bar) , you will see a service called "windows update".
You can disable that service to prevent updates and check if it is still disabled regularly.

yes it said disabled which is why I am confused.  When I checked to see what it downloaded the history was blank yet the laptop did reboot.

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