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Windows 10 update Restore tool
you can manually restore address book, the location of file is:

Quote:C:\Windows.old\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Address Book\username.wab

Copy that file to :

Quote:C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Address Book\username.wab

Then open outlook express and click on 'Addresses' Button to view your contacts:


Rafael, thank you for the prompt and very helpful reply.

For the second time, a window 10 update has deleted my OE.  Don't they test this stuff?  Anyway I manually reinstalled but could not connect to my ISP and kept getting an error that indicated there was an issue with the registry.  So I uninstalled Oe.  Rebooted, and reinstalled with the same result.  I then found this tool so I uninstalled again, bounced it again at tried the tool.  It has now been stuck on the "Installing please wait" page for nearly an hour...

Help required please.

Please downloaod and install new version 2.2:


windows 10 has just done an update and i've lost outlook express.

i've downloaded your latest version 2.2 restore and each time i run restore i a pop-up saying the operation is not allowed by the security policy and to use the framework configuration tool.

when i click continue to ignore the error, the installation stalls with a message saying "installing, please wait".

i've turned of my firewall hoping it will load but the same thing happens.

i hope you can help with this, geoff
hi again

i really don't know why but after one more attempt to reload the restore tool, it worked.

it ended up eventually costing me 9 of my installation allowances but i'm happy that it's all up and running again.

Nearly every time there is a Windows 10 update, I have to reinstall OE using my Key.  Today, something very weird happened.  After restoring fully functional OE, I tried to Export Address Book as .csv, which was always fine in the past.  After selecting the destination folder, OE crashes with the following Pop-Up:  "Microsoft Address Book Import Tool has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and Notify you if a solution is available."  Is this referring to a Win 10 change making it impossible for me to back-up OE addresses, or is there a work-around?

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