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Windows 10 update
I use a passionate user of OE which I am running on several computers.

The latest win 10 update ( updated on June 15, 2017 ) did remove OE, but I was able to restore it using OE restore tool. My original key was restored too so I am quite happy.

One problem remains, however. After Win 10 update, the fonts on my OE has changed by Win 10 default and no matter how I set the resolution resetting on Win 10, I am not able to get the clear fonts on OE as before. Now all letters in OE seem somewhat less than sharply focused. This is a real bummer.

OE still runs fine otherwise.

I hope something can be done so that I can continue to see clearly focused fonts in OE.
have you checked the "fonts" options on outlook express settings?
Please go to "Tools>Options" and click on "Read" tab.
There is a "Fonts" button there for setting up font type and font size.

Try setting to "Larger" or "Largest" to see if it is ok.

.png   fonts-1.png (Size: 28.62 KB / Downloads: 13)

Hello Rafail,
Yes, I played around with the different font settings in OE but the clarity of the fonts is not sharp like before regardless of the settings.
I think the problem has to do with Win 10 default display setting because not just OE, but several other programs I use are also affected.
All letters in OE, not just the mail contents, but the the headers, menus etc etc are all somewhat fuzzy.
Have you tried other screen resolution? You may also check if your screen has "Auto Adjust" feature that may needed on your case. Read more here:

Aut adjust is usually needed when screen resolution is changed, win 10 update may have changed your screen resolution. If all texts are "fuzzy" this may be the problem. You need to try auto adjust.


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