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Windows 10 1511 Upgrade horked OE
I just installed the major update to Windows 10 (1511) (64 bit)
All I know so far is that the OE taskbar icon went blank and does not work now.
Also - OE is no longer in my "all apps" menu.
And I can't find it on my hard drive - YET
(where should I be looking for the program itself please?)


OK - Quick update.
Using the search function I was able to find and recover all my .DBX files and address book (.WAB). The programs themselves are "uninstalled" - yet present on my HD. I can execute MSIMN manually. It pops up OE as though it was a first run of it.

Dont worry about that, we know that if you update to new Windows 10 Outlook express is being uninstalled. That happens because when you move to new windows 10 it uninstalls programs that re not "compatible".
read more here:

To solve that isue just reinstall outlook express and you will get it back again

Yes... we all knew that upgrading to Windows 10 from an older OS would uninstall OE. But....
I was already on Windows 10 and "just" the 1511 update to Windows 10 uninstalled IE. all on its own.
I forced this update days early, via downloading the ISO as soon as it was posted at MS. But all the rest of the Windows 10 users will be getting the 1511 update over the next few weeks via automatic updates.
It might be wise to back up your stuff before this hits.

I found all my OE stuff in the Windows.old folder.
I'm about to Re-install OE (and restore my stuff manually this time - because I was not ready for this)
PS: All went well - and my key still worked too! Smile
Thanks for sharing Clams


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