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Window 10 Deletes Outlook Express 6
This is not the first time Microsoft Windows 10 update has deleted my Outlook Express 6.
The problem is now I cannot find the files for my address book and contacts emails sent and received.
I was able to download a copy of OE Classic 2.7, but when I tried to import my current files and address book it could only find a backup from my XP PC from several years ago stored on an external drive.
I have tried to get a copy of Outlook Express 6 but have not been sent the key to activate the program.
I'm in trouble and need the current files for my customers URGENTLY.
Angry HELP! Angry
You can use restore tool:

Restore tool restores emails and accounts.
After win 10 updates, emails are located on C:\Windows.old\users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Identities\{your identity folder}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

this has been discussed many times, you could save time reading old posts...


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