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Where are the files of Outlook Express on Windows 10?
Where are the files of Outlook Express on Windows 10? I have to catch the post received, after a program crash.
Under C: scroll down to your user name, click, scroll to AppData/Local/Identities/{xxxxx}/Microsoft/Outlook Express
If you click on Outlook Express you will see all the folders of your OE program but not the emails in those folders
If the email folders/files you are looking for were entered on W10 during a migration from XP or other upgrade, your email files will be in a folder similar to that above, but will not be where OE can access them but you can drag the entire OE email folder to the location above. You can rename the OE folder to stop it from causing a conflict with the folder you are dragging in.

You can also plug in (connect) your old hard drive to extra hard drive cables in your W10 computer as a secondary drive and drag the old email folders from that old drive to the address above. You can rename any existing OE email folders in the Microsoft folder. Any name change will prevent OE from accessing those other old file folders. You can go in there any time and rename any old email OE folder to Outlook Express, just so you only have one named Outlook Express at a time.

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