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Update to 2.2.1 failed

I use OE on Win 7 professional.

I've tried to install the 2.2.1 version (oex221_last_version.exe) but even if the setup seems to perfectly work, when I check for the version (from the tray icon), I see that the installed version is the 2.2.0 - and it suggests me to download the newest one.

I've tried to install the 2.2.1 setup file also as administrator, but nothing changes...

What can I try to have the latest version installed?

Thank you in advance for your suggestion!

looking at the properties of the file oex221_last_version.exe I've dowloaded, it says that the version of the file does it help?
simply ignore that, its normal. Thats because tray menu version is still 2.2.0 even on 2.2.1 oe version.


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