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Transferring Messages from Win-7 (XP Mode)
I'm running windows-7 with XP mode. I have Outlook Express V-6 installed on the XP Mode.
I Just installed Run As XP "Outlook Express" onto my Windows-7 system.

It's working, and I was able to get my address book transferred from Outlook Express V-6 that is installed on my XP Mode into the Win-7 Outlook Express.

Before I remove OE from my XP Mode, I'd like to get all my (quite extensive) message folders, and their saved messages moved to the OE just installed in Win-7

I can't access the Documents and Settings, or the Users Local Settings. Keep getting message.." Access Denied"

Is there a way to get my Messages, and their folder structure moved from OE installed on XP Mode, to the OE just installed on the Windows-7 ?
Messages on xp mode (and windows xp in general) are stored on "documents and settings". But on windows 7 and later is on users folder. Your problem is when trying to get old emais or when trying to restore them to 7?

I have an extensive folder network storing many old e-mails, in the OE installed in XP.
I want to transfer the folder structure with all e-mails to my new install on windows 7.
I can't access the Users/* folders in my computer. Get "Access Denied" message.

Every time I try to "Export" I get that "Access Denied" message when browsing for the location.
I solved my problem.

I'll post what I did here for anyone else that may have a similar problem...

In XP Mode navigate to ….
C:\Documents and Settings\XPMUser\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{DBEBDC3F-2F60-46A5-970D-914235A7E248}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\

Copy the last folder..( \Outlook Express\*.* ) to a flash drive.

Exit XP Mode, and open OE in windows-7. Perform the Import for “Messages” , and when asked to browse for location, select the Outlet Express folder on the flash drive, and complete the operation.
The complete message folder network from OE on XP mode will be loaded into the OE installed on Windows –7.

Hope this helps someone.

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