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Sudden error that's not an error

I am having the same problem. When I try to send out the emails get stuck in the outbox. The email is sent but it never goes to the sent items folder. I have to manually delete the email from the outbox. Very frustrating and time consuming.

This happens when I try to send to a user group in my address book. It also happened on a couple of emails where it was only 1 recipient.

Ive checked with the recipients and the email gets delivered. The problem is it gets sent multiple times until I delete the message from the outbox.

Everything was working fine until about two weeks ago.


Hello Don,
Have you tried to compact your email folders? (File>Folder>Compact all folders)
Please try that, also, remember to make a backup of dbx files BEFORE comapcting.

Guys, I have been using Outlook Express since 1993 and want to point out a few things...
First is that there are semaphores (special packets) that go between your mail server and your PC every time you send (or receive) an email.
It is that semaphore back from the email server, acknowledging that it has accepted your email and will send it on to the recipient which causes the email to move from the Outbox to the Sent Items folder.
It is very rare; but, if that semaphore mechanism is broken on either end (server or your PC), your email will stay stuck in the Outbox.
The second and far more probable problem is that your Sent Items file has gotten too big to accept any new emails and fixing it can be a painful process.
1) Check the size of your OE folders. If any of them are near or over 1 gigabyte (1,000MB), that is the problem.
2) To fix it, you need to create a new folder (I have a "Sent Items 1997 to 2014" folder which I created, for example), then move everything from your Sent Items up to a clean year/month boundary that matches the folder you just created into it.
3) Backup your mail folder, again (!!!)
4) Compact the old version of the Sent Items folder which is the only process that actually removes the emails and shrinks the file size.

As a note, I have had to do just this on hundreds of PC's and often also need to break up the inbox into time range folders, too. (i.e. Inbox 2015, Inbox 2016, etc.)
Confirm splitting up the "sent-folder" still works  Big Grin. But why have a limted sice on the sent-box? Splitting up makes more struggle searching old e-mails. Mine was nearly 2Gb.

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