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Sent mails from "Sent folder" missing
Hello, this morning I check my sent mails for one mail and realize that my mails missing from 03.11.2016. till 28.11.2015. All before that are there.

What's the problem here?
I tried to search the web for solution but nothing successfully.

Before few days on shutting Windows I got message "Do you want to compress Outlook" - I sad no but still my mails are missing.

Any ideas?
Thank you
are you searching for sent emails from 03.11.2015. to 28.11.2015?
maby there is a corruption on your email folders.
I suggest you to make a backup of email folders (DBX Files) and compress mail folders (File>Folder>Compress all folders)

I am looking for 03.11.2016.-28.11.2015.

All other sent mails are here, I will try your metod.

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