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Script error when I try to print
As a first timer Hello to everyone,

I paid for access to OE6 and frankly I have been as happy as a clam with it. I'm a died in the wool XP person I run classic theme but I was lost without OE to the point I setup a virtual XP system in windows7 just so I could go and OE my mail.
Sorry I could ramble on...OE6 is marvelous but I have a problem.

I have a iP7260 with it's printer driver is standard issue. It runs all sorts of software without a problem but OE6 throws up a script error when I try to print an email. My current workaround is I screenprint to clipboard then paste in Irfanview, crop it and print the email.

I have attached a screenprint of the error for someone a lot clueyer than I to figure it out.

All the very best to everyone and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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please try printing by right clickin on email directly in email folder (eg INBOX) without opening email,
Right click on email in list and click Print

Gday Boss,

Thanks for replying. I took your advice and went to my "inbox" folder and picked an entry, opened the context menu on it and tried to print. It produced the same script error letter-for-letter. I can show you one but it's no different than my attachment. I mixed up things a bit by going to two other email folders and then tried opened and unopened emails....same result.

Now going a bit deeper in case it has relevance, I have installed the spellcheck thingie I used when I was using windows XP.

Another important point I forgot to say was I transplanted all my folders from winXP into win7. They work perfectly but could this cause the problem?

I will repeat that this not a show stopper for me, I just open, printscreen and paste to my graphics proggie. After using it for a while now I think OE6 is a marvelous hack.

Many thanks for any help or suggestions.

Thank you,
actually is not hack but happy you like it.
I would suggest to check your xp theme you have applied on your windows 7, maby the theme is causeing that script error.
I can help with teamviewer if you need more assist.

Have a nice day :-)

Gday Boss,

I'm sorry for the label.

I have done some more since reading your reply. I deleted "Classic Shell 4_2_5" and tried two of Win7's luck the Script Error appears letter for letter.

I went to Oracle and downloaded and installed Java MRE 8u91 tested the print function and no luck I'm sorry.

I've installed teamviewer as a free user I'm pretty sure I have it right...I've never used before.
i sent you PM


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