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[SOLVED] what version do I have

I can't figure out how to tell what version of your tweaked OE I'm using. The "About" box tells me I'm running v6 of OE, but that's not what I'm looking for. Is there a way to see which Rafail version I'm running?

There is a tray icon when outlook express loads, right click on it and click "about" there is the "RunasXP" version.
If you cant see tray icon then click on that arrow symbol on taskbar right to language and you will see Outlook express tray icon by
That icon has a (right click) menu with some functions like "Change outlook express language", "Auto hide outlook express windows when you minimize it" e.t.c.,

[Image: outlookexpress-win7.jpg]

Or if you want to show always the notification icon whithout clicking to arrow,go to control panel click "Taskbar and Start menu", click "Customize" and check "Show all notofication icons" checkbox.


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