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[SOLVED] oe disappeared
Hi, it always occurs on the same problem when I start from "Outlook Express.exe" or "msimn.exe" or shortcut on desktop.

After entering the required values in the rules, the program can not go on. A error message stops the program and then program must be canceled with Task Manager.

Now I have always installed the program more than 14 times, without avail.

Please tell me a solution.
Also, I ask You for one or two new keys for more tests.

I am very willing to cooperate in solving the problem.

Thank you
reinstalling over and over will not make difference once it has not to do with installation.
Most likely something is blocking oe rules to be created. so you may start checking your antivirus first.
if no success, mail me ( so i may try connecting with teamviewer and help.

Thank you for your kind message.
Before we work with TeamViewer,
I want to share what I have tested:

1. I have deleted the antivirus program (AVIRA)
2. After this, I tried to create a message rule - without success
3. Then I have opened the Registry and found that there were multiple data paths for OutlookExpress
4. Now I have deleated all wrong datapaths
5. Have again tryed to create a message rule - without success
6. Then have created a new folder, and then I tryed to create a message rule - without success

The program always goes down.
It must be canceled by TaskManager.
What still I can try?

Tream-Viewer 11 is installed on my computer.
For using it, please tell me, at what time.
The time-differenz to USA is 6hours.
Now we have 4:00 p.a.
Thank You and greatings

I conducted an experiment .

I have copied the entire installation to another disk (P but not C ) .
Then I changed the boot paths in the Start menu accordingly.
Now I can create mail rules .
Why it is now possible , I could not identify this .
After I have solved the problem with the message rules I now still want to solve the problem with the outgoing mail server for GMX.

I tested all possible settings.
But no mandatory settings for the outgoing mail works with WIN10 pro.
Here the needed specifications from GMX (they work in WinXP without problems):

Incoming mail server: POP3: (with SSL port 995), IMAP: (with SSL port 993)
Outgoing Mail Server: (with SSL port 465)
Username: GMX GMX customer number or e-mail address
Special features: Uses SMTP authentication or "POP3 before SMTP", depending on how you have set up your account.
SMTP is also available via the alternative port 587 available.
If there are problems logging in, you should try in any case, both options for the user name.
Under Outlook 2010 must be selected Automatic as the encryption type.
IMAP is loud GMX only available in the tariffs ProMail and TopMail. In Tariff Free Mail IMAP is not officially available, but it appears in many accounts still to function (as of 03.03.2014).
What's to do?
You may set port 465 (SSL) but you must check "Server requires authentication" on "Servers" Tab.
Most likely the "Logon using secure password authentication" must NOT be checked.

(See attached pic)


*****Please remember, you must open a new thread for each problem you need help. This thread was for windows 10 update and not for this issue, neither for mail rules. To avoid confusion to other users please open new thread if need more help.


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